EDC 335/345 Massflow controller and meters

EDC-335 Massflow Controller and Meters

  • Full Scale Flow Range: 30slm-100slm
  • Maximum Pressure Rating: 1500 Psi / 100 Bar
  • Repeatability: ±0.2% F.S
  • Control Range: 1~100% F.S
  • Response Time: <1s
  • Operating Temperature:0~50℃
  • Digital Communication:RS-485
  • Analog Communication:0~5 V / 4~20mA

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Description of EDC-335 Massflow Controller and Meters

EDC-335 is a new generation of MFC/MFM(Massflow Controller/Massflow Metes) with newly designed.It adopts many world-leading fluid measurement and control technologies. On the basis of capillary thermal temperature difference sensor, it introduces advanced “Automatic temperature difference balancing technology” to ensure the extraordinary stability, linearity and dynamic response characteristics of the sensor. The substrate is made of 316L stainless steel, suitable for toxic and corrosive gases, the maximum working pressure can reach 1500 Psi, and the maximum flow rate can reach 1000 SLM. Newly designed digital measurement control circuit, multiple communication protocols for digital IO, compatible with analog communication, optional LCD version, convenient on-site operation display. The excellent performance of the EDC series is the best partner for high-quality applications.

Biosflows EDC-335 Massflow Controller and Metes Technical Parameters

Flow Accuracy±0.8% R.D and±0.2% F.S; ±1% R.D and ±0.5% F.S(>100 SLM)
Repeatability±0.2% F.S
Control Range1~100% F.S
Response Time<1s
Temperature CoefficientZero: <0.05% of F.S./℃. Span: <0.1% of S.P. /℃
Pressure Coefficient0.2% of S.P. / Bar
Operating Temperature0~50℃
Leak Rate1x10-9 atm. cc/sec He
Preheat Time5 min accuracy to ±2% F.S (30 min to achieve the best accuracy)
Power Supply+15~24 V DC
Maximum Power Consumption10W (MFC); 3W (MFM)
Digital CommunicationRS-485(Modbus Rtu protocol)
Analog Communication0~5 V / 4~20mA
Electrical Interface9-Pin D-connector (Male)
Valve TypeNormally closed (MFM meaningless)
Substrate Material316L stainless steel
Sealing MaterialFluorine rubber, EPDM rubber, nitrile rubber
Process connections Tube/VCR Fittings

Features of EDC-335 Mass Flow Controller and Meters

New Generation Thermal Gas Sensor Design
The influence of temperature and pressure changes is small, accurate temperature and pressure correction, high linearity, can provide excellent signal-to-noise ratio performance to improve measurement and control accuracy long-term zero point stability.
Superb Dynamic Characteristics
The new microelectronic chip energy-saving technology and innovative multi-level control loop bring super dynamic characteristics. Control performance is adaptive, allowing quick response to setpoint changes without overshoot. Welcome to inquiry in Biosflows.
Flexible and Changeable IO Selection
There are various input/output options of EDC-335 Mass Flow Controller and Meters. In addition to various analog signals and standard RS232 communication options, valve cleaning/closing and valve analog output. Multiple fieldbus optional. Get free quotation here.
Wide Flow Range and High Pressure Adaptability
The flow range can be from 3sccm all the way to 1000 SLM, the working pressure is up to 500 psi/100 bar, and the flow measurement and control can be performed under the extremely high pressure difference between upstream and downstream from 6 bar to 70 bar.
Multi-gas and Span Adjustment Function
Choose one device platform to meet the needs of different gases and flow ranges, store and pre-set multiple gas calibration information, so choose our EDC-335 Mass Flow Controller, users can easily switch to different gases and ranges with just one device .

Application of EDC-335 Massflow Controller and Meters

Gas Control During Fiber Fabrication

Optical fiber preform equipment, optical fiber drawing, and ribbon optical fiber preparation in the optical fiber industry. During the fiber drawing process, the composition and flow of the atmosphere need to be controlled to ensure the quality and performance of the fiber. Need to supply a certain amount of gas, such as protective gas, dry gas, etc. Optical fiber drawing MFC is used to control the flow rate and mixing ratio of the gas to provide the correct atmosphere environment. To ensure that the optical fiber preparation process is stable and repeatable.

Bioreactor Gas Flow Control

Accurate, repeatable and stable airflow is critical to a reliable biological growth process.Especially in R&D environments, a large range of gas flow variations is required to study optimal growth conditions. Benchtop bioreactors require compact gas flow instrumentation. For manufacturers who build bioreactors to customer specifications, there is a need to reduce the number of variations of various flow instrumentation to offset delivery time hurdles. Additionally, pressure data is required to inform bioreactor users of current process conditions.

Catalyst Evaluation Equipment

Catalyst development requires high temperature and pressure to prevent condensation of compounds and to analyze the chemical composition of exhaust gases from reactors. To find out under which conditions a catalyst has optimal performance for a particular chemical reaction, the high pressure range must be dealt with. In the application, the pressure must be accurately controlled and the pressure range is large. Also, the corresponding control device should be able to handle high pressure, high temperature and low flow. The product is perfectly adapted to the conditions in this application.

Gas Flow Control Applications in Analytical Instruments

A common factor in many analytical applications is the need for a small steady gas flow (flow range: 1-1000 sccm), since the gas flow and its changes are directly visible in the measurement, a stable gas flow is important. In analytical equipment, the carrier gas flow directly affects the measurement results. For example, the retention time of a substance in a chromatographic column depends directly on the stability of the fluid. When the flow fluctuates, so does the measurement. This product has short-term and long-term control stability.

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